About Us

Owned and directed by Ron and Cheryl Blyth.

Blyth Merinos celebrated their 22nd Anniversary Ram Sale on 2 October 2019 and are proud to present the Modern Merino.

The Modern Blyth Merino is a plain bodied / open faced sheep with a flat wide back, bred to be totally free of skin wrinkle.

Unlike the traditional Merino, through selective breeding the Modern Blyth Merino has achieved advantageous qualities including…

  1. No mulesing needed
  2. Easy shearing
  3. High fertility, high lamb survival
  4. Robust under variable weather conditions
  5. Plain bodied
  6. High meat yield
  7. High quality wool, high fleece weights

The flock consists of 1800 stud ewes and 3000 commercial ewes.

Located at ‘Bobacumbola’, a 12 000-acre property of undulating to hilly country with creek flats of heavy red to granite soils, near Adelong, New South Wales.

The brand hand-crafted by Ernie Blyth, father of Ron, some 30 years ago.